Driving License for Foreigners in Czech Republic 🚗🌍

Foreigners in the Czech Republic have various ways and means of obtaining a Czech driving license or exchanging their current one, depending on their country of origin.


Citizens of the EU, EHP, and Switzerland

  • Driving licenses from these countries are valid without the need for exchange.


Citizens from Outside the EU 🌐

  • They can use their original driving license for one year from the date of arrival.
  • After one year or upon obtaining permanent residency, they must exchange their license for a Czech one.


Procedure of Exchanging Driving License 📜

  • Proof of Habitual Residence: Foreigners must provide proof of habitual residence in the Czech Republic.
  • Doctor’s Certificate: A valid medical certificate is required.
  • Documentation: Other required documents include the original driving license and an ID card.


Driving School 🏫

  • Foreigners can take driving school courses in various languages.
  • They must arrange and pay for the interpreter themselves. During the driving lessons and the tests, they are alone with the interpreter, so it is crucial to find a translator for their target language.

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